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Session 3:
Our Narrative Matters 

Universal Principles 

The stories we tell ourselves impact how we see ourselves. A Big Picture Narrative enables us to build the hope and confidence we need to stay aligned with our goals and dreams. 

Biblical Principles 

God wired us for struggle. Studies show leaning into our faith grows our brain giving us more processing power. At our best, we are growing closer to God, our spouse and others.

Connection Principles

The stories we tell ourselves impact our relationships. Separating the facts from our stories enables us to remain open to alternative stories that build hope, confidence, and connection even when it's hard.


The Handouts

Chapter 3 Our Narrative Matters  Booklet with the My Narrative and React Exercises.


Our Narrative Impacts How We See Ourselves

Compare how a Big Picture vs Scarcity Narrative affects how we see our situation and ourselves directly impacting our emotions. After reading this presentationcomplete the My Narrative Exercise in the booklet above. 


Our Narrative Impacts our Relationships

Explore how separating the facts from our stories enables us to remain open and aware of how to make changes that improve our relationships. Click here to access the presentation.  Click here to watch the video (15 min). Conclude the session by completing the REACT exercise in the booklet above and using the questions to discuss your takeaways and how you can support each other. 


Digging Deeper

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