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Session 2:
Our Circumstances Matter 

Universal Principles 

Our circumstances position us, but they do not define us. Therefore we can remain confident that  we can make a positive difference under any condition.

Biblical Principles 

We are more than significant. We are loved, chosen, and adopted by God The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness to grow INWARD OUTWARD Together.

Connection Principles

We are uniquely positioned to support one another. Having the tools to support one another and move through challenges bring us to new levels of healing and growth.


The Handouts


Our Circumstances Matter

Explore how staying aware of our unique stories can help us avoid the performance trap and gain motivation to grow and heal together.  

Watch the Session 2 Video (21 min total)

Click here for the presentation.


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Want to Share Your Story?

Here are some ideas:

  • Make a copy and personalize this story template. 

  • Share a video or website you already have.

  • Create a video about you.

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