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Session 1:
Our Choices Matter 

Universal Principles

Therefore we are all unconditionally significant. What makes being human unique is our ability to pay attention to our feelings and align how we THINK CARE and ACT.

Biblical Principles

We are more than significant, we are chosen, adopted, and loved by God. We can lean into the power of the Holy Spirit to be our best.    

Connection Principles

Understanding our Brain

Introduction to sentence stems

Affirmation Dialog


The Handouts



Yes, But How, the Power of a Pause is a workbook with adaptable exercises designed to cultivate INWARD OUTWARD growth together. Please read the introduction linked above  (3 minutes) and watch  THINK CARE ACT(4 minutes). 


Our Choices Matter

TELL ME I will forget.

SHOW ME I will remember. 

INVOLVE ME I will understand.

Please watch the Week 1 Video (32 min plus exercise) to get involved, gaining skills to support each other in your effort to show up your best selves.

Click here for the presentation.


Appreciation Dialog

MIRRORING says you matter.

VALIDATION says you make sense.

EMPATHY says I feel your feelings.

In this Appreciation Dialogue Instructional Video 

Chuck Starnes will teach you a tool to build connection on a feeling level.  Chuck Starnes

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