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What Happy Couples Know

During this series, we used messages by Andy Stanley titled "What Happy Couples Know" to kickstart the conversation. The series uses humorous scenarios and our box of hopes and expectations to illustrate important biblical truths about marriage.

The Big Ideas

Andy says, “Submission is a race to the back of the line. It is leveraging the BEST of who we are to bring out the BEST in others.” The corollary to that is submission is also a race to the front of the line. When we are in conflict, we can make every effort to not focus on the faults of others and put our energy into reflecting on what we did wrong and what we can do to improve the situation. 

Toolkit lesson 1, will help you gain clarity about your BEST and WORST if you have not done that yet.

We have seen, anything can change at any time. As Pastor Rene said in his April 26, 2020 message, “Our world is broken, but we can trust this is temporary, healing is promised, and God is at work.” God chooses to make His appeal to a broken world is through broken people just like us. We are on a mission from God. We are eyewitnesses of His love; uniquely positioned to share God’s love through our patience, compassion, and forgiveness because it is what He designed us to do. We can love God and love our spouse and others no matter where we are or what we are doing.


Our best dreams come from God. He wired us to love others and get involved in creating solutions to the problems around us.  

We are all positioned to make an eternal impact. The circumstances surrounding our hopes, dreams, and desires

  • Explain what is around us

  • Affect what other people think of us

  • Create new opportunities

  • Equip us to make a positive impact, but they DO NOT define us!

Toolkit Lesson 2 will help you embrace how God has uniquely positioned you to make an eternal impact and gain the clarity to not attach your value to what you do and what others think of you.

Presentations in Picture and Slide Formats

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