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Meeting with God

with guest speaker Jane Romberger


Is there a hunger in your heart for time with Jesus these days?  Maybe you feel more distant from him now than you did before our world turned Covid-crazy.  Or maybe you feel drawn closer to him, wanting to understand and to walk and to follow him better.  Whatever the case, this session will help you re-evaluate your personal, devotional time with God.  What do you expect?  Dive in and explore ways you can live inspired to crave time with our LORD each day as an individual, couple, and family. 


See the link below to watch the class.  One highlight was learning how to pray the LORD's prayer (minute 32).

Jane Romberger is the mother of four young adults and has been a pastor's wife for 30 years.  Her husband Mike, is the President and CEO of Mount Hermon Christian Camp and Conference Center. Jane loves God's Word and has a passion to help others reorient their daily lives around the LORD and His Kingdom.  She also has a heart for those who are seeking God and has led Starting Point (a ministry for seekers, starters, and returners to the faith). 

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