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Session 4:
Our Purpose Matters 

Universal Principles 

Motivated to be positive contributors, we want to create solutions for the betterment of humanity. Motivated to grow, it gets easier to show up our best selves and realign when we get distracted.

Biblical Principles 

We are eye-witnesses of God’s love uniquely positioned to make an eternal impact because it is what our maker designed us to do. 

Connection Principles

We can find mutual purpose by:

1. COMMITTING to a mutual purpose.

2. LETTING GO of conflicting strategies.

3. SYNERGIZING a purpose that satisfies you both.

4. BRAINSTORMING new strategies.



The Handouts

Our Purpose Matters  Booklet with the My Purpose Matters Exercise, Mission Statement Exercise, and the Mutual Purpose Exercise. 


Our Narrative Impacts How We See Ourselves

Read this presentation, and explore how our purpose gives us the focus we need to achieve our goals. But our moment-by-moment motivations and choices determine how our real story unfolds. Then complete the My Purpose Matters and the Personal Mission Statement Exercises in the booklet above. 


Finding Mutal Purpose in Marriage

Explore how finding mutual purpose in conflict areas enables you to create a win-win solution. Click here to access the presentation.  Click here to watch the video (16 min). 


Digging Deeper

Want more?

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