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April 22

Growing as a Family

Right Where we are

Building memories and having fun

Parenting Class Wednesday April 29th at 7 pm-  We will be discussing how to "Build positive memories and have fun even in times of uncertainty." To kickstart the conversation we are using Action 9 &10 (see links below),  the final week of the Intentional Parenting series by Doug Fields.  How things "used to be" as described by Doug and what we are all experiencing now as we shelter in place provide an interesting contrast that can help us stay rooted in what really matters. If you do not have time to dive into the content, do not worry. COME AS YOU ARE, we will recap the points. 

Go to the Events Tab  for the Zoom link for Wednesday's 7pm meeting. 
Action 1 & 2
Conversation 1 & 2
Action 3 & 4
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