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April 22

Growing as a Family

Right Where we are

 creating a peaceful home in this times of uncertainty

This week we will be discussing how to maximize our presence and how to nurture a peaceful home in times of uncertainty. We will be using Action 5 & 6 of the Intentional Parenting series by Doug Fields and Toolkit lesson 2 to frame the topic. Dive into whatever you have time and interest in doing at  If you do not have time, do not worry. COME AS YOU ARE. The discussion and connection are food for the soul.

Go to the Events Tab  for the Zoom link for Wednesday's 7pm meeting. 

We all have hopes, dreams and desires for our families. The circumstances surrounding our dreams

  • Explain what is around us

  • Affect what other people think of us

  • Create new opportunities

  • Equip us to make a positive impact, but they DO NOT define us!


One-way God chooses to make His appeal to a broken world is through broken people just like us. We are on a mission from God. We are eyewitnesses of His love; uniquely positioned. We are uniquely positioned to help our kids grow despite or sometimes even because of our circumstances by sharing God’s love through our patience, compassion, and forgiveness because it is what He designed us to do.

Action 5 & 6
Conversation 5 & 6

Toolkit Lesson 2

This channel is coming soon!
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