Growing as a FamilY

Right Where we are

About the Class

During the series "Growing Where You Are" online Parenting classes March 26-April 29th, we used messages by Doug Fields titled "Intentional Parenting."  The series uses humorous scenarios to illustrate important biblical truths about parenting. As we Shelter In, the scenarios provide an interesting contrast to life today begging the question, "When this is all over how do we want our family life to be better?" We will also incorporated lessons from the toolkit that teach universal, timeless and adaptable principles essential to growth.  As Doug Fields says, parents are the most influential people in a kid's life. So while we cannot change our kids, we can change ourselves. Our responses are  contagious.


Missed the series or want to review, see the Parenting tabs for links to the videos and google slides. Here were the topics

March 25   What is our Hope as a Result of our "Sheltering In?"   Learn More

April 1        Establishing Boundaries that let Hope Grow   Learn More​

April 15      Encouraging Words  Learn More​

April 22      Cultivating a Peaceful Home   Learn More

April 29      Building Memories and Having Fun  Learn More